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If you or someone in your family has either been injured or even killed in a fatal accident, you have the right to expect proper compensation.

At Mackesy Smye, we specialize in comprehensive, personalized service that provides the results you need. From the moment you contact our personal injury law firm, we begin working to ensure that your case receives the attention it deserves.

The initial contact will be an interview with a lawyer who is knowledgeable about the type of claim that you have. This initial meeting can be arranged by calling our office, sending an e-mail to the firm or one of the individual lawyers, or through our secure contact form. No fees are charged for the time spent whether you retain us or not. During this meeting, which is entirely confidential, the lawyer will obtain from you the important information relating to your case. He or she will answer any questions you have. A determination may be made of the party or parties responsible for the compensation for which you are entitled. This may be your own insurance company, another insurance company, a business or professional corporation, or a Municipal, Provincial or Federal Government

Contact Mackesy Smye to book a confidential consultation for your case.

Your options will be explained to you. If you choose to retain us, we will open a file and begin collecting the necessary documents. These may include medical records and reports, employment records, police records, weather records and many other types of documents. In addition, it may be necessary to obtain expert reports from one or more of the hundreds of expert witnesses with whom we have worked in the thousands of cases that we have dealt with in the past. We may be able to assist you by advising you how to obtain funding for the medical treatment you need. At the appropriate time, we will commence a court action against the responsible party or parties. When we have the necessary material, at the appropriate time, we will initiate settlement negotiations.

As Hamilton’s top personal injury law firm, Mackesy Smye enjoys the respect of insurance companies, professional organizations and the judiciary.

Thanks to our strong track record, we generally obtain the results our clients need without having to bring the case to court. In the rare cases that do go to trial, our personal injury litigators have the talent and the experience to ensure a favourable ruling.

We will keep you informed of your case’s status throughout this process. The important steps such as the decision about the commencement of the court action, the decision about whether to settle a case or go to trial, and the amount of a settlement, will not be taken without your express approval. We will not ask you to pay any fees until you have received a favourable result.

Get Hamilton’s Top Personal Injury Law Firm Working For You.

Call or complete our secure contact form today to get started.

Rocco A. Grilli - Personal Injury Lawyer
These success stories are examples of our personal injury law cases.

Success Stories

See how we’ve helped past clients get the representation they deserve. See how we’ve helped past clients get the representation they deserve. See how we’ve helped past clients get the representation they deserve.

Personal Injury Lawyers Team

Our Firm

Learn how Mackesey Smye puts the client first. Learn how Mackesey Smye puts the client first. Learn how Mackesey Smye puts the client first.

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