Personal Injury Law

When you have been injured, your most pressing concern is to get well and to keep your family secure. At Mackesy Smye we specialize in working with you to allow you to focus on recovering from your injuries.

The law related to personal injury in Ontario is complex. In order to receive appropriate compensation for your injury, whether it arises from a car accident, medical malpractice, product liability or any other situation, our firm’s extensive knowledge and experience with the law, insurance company practices and procedure will be of great assistance to you.

If you are facing expensive medical treatment, loss of income, or any other disruption caused by an injury, Mackesy, Smye will fight to resolve your case, whether by Judgement at trial or settlement to help you get your life back on track.

When you book a free consultation with our law firm, you will receive detailed and personalized advice from a well-respected lawyer who has the knowledge and experience necessary to handle your claim. Thanks to the extensive and diverse experience of the lawyers at our firm, you will get the benefit of knowledge of claims similar to yours, and the law that will apply to your claim. This discussion will allow us to learn many important facts about your claim, including a number of which you may not have thought would be important. This information will enable Mackesy, Smye to develop a strategy to secure appropriate compensation for you.

Mackesy Smye - a personal injury law firm - specializes in personal accidents.

Entrusting your personal injury case to Mackesy, Smye frees you and your family from the stresses of having to deal with the complexities of the legal system which allows you to focus all of your time and energy upon your recovery from your injury. We also take the worry out of legal fees with a contingency structure that depends entirely upon a successful resolution of your case.

Learn more about out payment and fee structures and how they apply to personal injury cases such as yours.

Call or complete our secure contact form today to get started.

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See how we've helped past clients get the representation they deserve. See how we've helped past clients get the representation they deserve. See how we've helped past clients get the representation they deserve.

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Learn how Mackesey Smye puts the client first. Learn how Mackesey Smye puts the client first. Learn how Mackesey Smye puts the client first. Learn how Mackesey Smye puts the client first.

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