Many Ontarians involved in car accidents are unsure of what their rights and options are to recover compensation for their injuries, and how to begin the process of accessing compensation and benefits.  For example, many people are unaware that accident victims may be able to recover compensation and benefits from their own insurer regardless of who was at fault.  Common questions accident victims have following car accidents include:

  • Will insurance cover the damage to my vehicle?
  • Will my medical expenses be covered or reimbursed by insurance?
  • What are my obligations to report the accident to my insurer?, and
  • Can I recover for wages lost as a result of the accident?

Pursuing a claim for damages in Ontario can be very difficult for those inexperienced in the law. Securing your rights to recover compensation and benefits after a car accident requires intimate knowledge of Ontario’s laws, courts, and tribunals.

Having access to a knowledgeable legal team may be crucial in helping you navigate the complex laws and procedures to reach a favourable outcome in your case.  Your personal injury lawyer can file a lawsuit on your behalf, organize the evidence, initiate settlement discussions, and will advocate for your rights throughout the whole process.