Sometimes property owners could be at fault not repairing their property. When they fail to do so, it could put others in danger. This is why in the case of an accident, it is up to you to provide evidence and proof that the property owner is at fault for the slip and fall incident.

Make sure you take these five steps after a slip and fall accident to build a strong case.

1: The first priority is always the health of the accident victim, so make sure the person gets medical attention as soon as possible. Once the injury is documented then you have the proof to seek financial compensation for the medical expenses.

2: If your slip and fall occurred in someone else’s property, make sure you report it and preferably keep a copy of the report.

Maintain your calm even if it wasn’t your fault. Getting upset won’t change anything so it’s also advisable to limit the communication with the other party. It’s better to focus on taking care of yourself or the fall victim and planning next steps with a cool head.

3: Take a few pictures of the area of your fall as it’s important to document the exact state of the premises including the time and date of the incident.

4: Collect basic information such as names, phone numbers and Email IDs of any possible witnesses or passers-by who can help support your version of events at a later stage.

5: Always make sure you get in touch with a lawyer immediately. Nothing beats the advantage of having a seasoned lawyer by your side as many slip and fall cases can be difficult to prove. Please remember that a slip and fall claim does not have any deductibles unlike the ones involving motor vehicle accidents.

If you or anyone you know is a victim of a slip and fall accident, please contact the dependable Mackesy Smye team immediately.