This guide explains how we collaborate with third parties when preparing for your lawsuit.

In cases where an accident has occurred, police are often the first on the scene. Their reported observations and witness accounts can be used as primary evidence for your claim. This is particularly true if a third party changes his or her story, or if your insurance company denies your claim based on evidence that contradicts the police investigation. Additionally, we may decide to secure witness testimony from the responding officer in order to strengthen your case.

In accident claims, forensic testimony can be equally invaluable. Forensic experts would be able to examine all the evidence, and even reconstruct accidents, to demonstrate both your role in the accident and how you were injured. Thorough documentation of such details can be the lynchpin on which a case hangs, providing the courts with substantive and verifiable scientific evidence.

Our roster of healthcare experts can also be important, particularly in appealing disability benefit claims, insurance claims, and product liability claims. The healthcare experts we work with are experienced in personal injury law proceedings, and use the latest in cutting edge technology to determine the extent of injuries, demonstrate how injuries occurred, and witness to the likelihood of rehabilitation and what such rehabilitation would require.