You may discover after a period of time that your injuries are more severe than you first thought, and require more time and therapy to overcome. Alternatively, your insurance provider may refuse to fund treatment that you require. In either case, you will need your complete medical records to build your case.

Complete medical records are important for two main reasons. First, the defendant will likely request access to your medical records in order to substantiate your injuries and any subsequent illnesses resulting from the accident. Once your injuries have been proven, the courts will require your records to determine the amount of compensation owed to you based on the extent and severity of your injuries.

Therefore, it is in your best interest to keep the records that will help ensure that you receive the compensation you deserve.

If, for any reason, you have not kept your records, there is still hope. Your doctors should have kept documentation of all of your visits, test results, and personal notes regarding your injuries, and will be able to provide you with copies. In order to successfully acquire all of the documentation you need, first make a list of any place you have gone to seek treatment since your accident. This can include hospitals, family doctor, walk-in clinics, pharmacies, and physical therapists, among others.

If you are able to remember, include the dates of each visit as well. At this point, your experienced and dedicated personal injury lawyer will be able to draft a letter requesting access to your medical records from each medical professional you have visited, including treatment notes, lab reports, X-rays, scans, and other relevant information. By including the dates for each visit, we can ensure that the only records being accessed are those that pertain directly to the injuries in question, keeping your privacy intact.

Additionally, any fees that you incur in retrieving these records will be submitted to your insurance company for reimbursement. The experienced team at Mackesy Smye can help with every step of this often daunting process, from initially acquiring the records to ensuring that the opposing legal team cannot misuse your personal and private medical information to deny you your rightful compensation.