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You’re in good standing with your insurance company, but they have just rejected a claim for your personal injury – that does not mean you are not entitled to any benefits or money. Fight their decision by contacting a personal injury lawyer.

What to Do If Your Insurer Is Being Unfair

You pay your insurance premiums every month, but when it comes time to file a claim, the benefits you seemed to be entitled to are just not there. Lawyers see this all the time. As if personal injury, loss of wages, or loss of property is not enough, you must fight with every ounce of energy to be appropriately compensated. Believe it or not, the insurance company’s say is not the final word. You have various options to consider, such as filing a complaint, even if attempting to resolve a dispute with the insurer does not work.

First, the Insurance Bureau of Canada (IBC) says you can try getting more information from the company. Asking for information from an insurance agent, broker, or claims adjuster can help resolve misunderstandings. You can also speak to a claim supervisor or representative of the company. After all, you signed a legal contract when you signed on with the insurance policy. The rights and responsibilities of both parties are explained in the contract, but talking to an agent or representative can help resolve any misunderstandings, even if they are on the part of the insurer.

Taking Your Insurance Complaint a Step Further

The IBC Consumer Information Centre offers resources to help with your insurance disputes. It employs professionals who can help explain the technical details of your policy. They are also familiar with how insurance companies handle claims. If you feel a personal injury claim is not being handled properly, the centre can help you get started with a complaint and guide you through appealing the insurance company’s decision.

Try going through your insurance company’s dispute resolution process by contacting their ombudsperson and clearly stating your concerns and expectations. They will need all the relevant documents and information to investigate the matter and provide an answer. It may take the insurer some time to get back to you. Be patient, and keep records of all the conversations had and individuals you talk to.

If the company doesn’t resolve the issue, request a final position letter and contact the General Insurance OmbudService. This independent consumer dispute resolution system employs provincially incorporated insurers who can impartially resolve claims-related matters. The Superintendent of Insurance, at the federal or provincial level, can address your dispute as well.

The Financial Services Commission of Ontario (FSCO) can review your compliant if you think the insurer has violated Ontario’s Insurance Act. You can submit an Insurance Business Activity Complaint Form, which is provided on the commission’s website. Its process for filing a complaint is clearly laid out. First, you need a letter from the insurance company’s complaint officer, stating the final position of the insurer, and then write to the independent ombuds service listed in the letter. Include all the pertinent details and state why you disagree with the company’s decision. You can write the letter yourself, but personal injury lawyers in Hamilton are equipped to do that as well.


If you do not agree with your insurance company’s decision, our personal injury lawyers can help you file a complaint. Familiar with the process and experienced at helping clients win their cases, the Mackesy Smye law firm can boost your chances of success. Our team will get you through the claim process and manage the documentation and communications with all relevant parties.

Contact us for a free consultation, and we will address your personal injury law needs and any disputes with the insurance company.

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