Disability Claims

If you or a loved one are disputing a disability claim with your insurance company, read through these blog posts for information on understanding post-accident physical and psychological damages, and knowing what your legal rights are in Ontario regarding insurance disability claim laws.

prove total disability insurance
Disability Claims: How to Prove Total Disability

Long-term disability (LTD) claims can be complicated legal matters that rely on a claimant’s ability to prove the extent of their disability. Read this post to learn more about disability law here in Ontario and why your case needs to be reviewed by experienced counsel.

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short term disability long term disability insurance claims in ontario
Disability Claims: Short Term vs. Long Term Disability

In Ontario, short-term and long-term disability policies protect people in many of the same ways. Read this post to learn how to carefully navigate the world of short-term and long-term disability benefits here in Ontario.

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Disability Claim Laws in Ontario - Get Help from an Experience Lawyer
Disability Claims: Handling a Claim

CPP eligibility guidelines are confusing, and it can be a long, arduous process that often results in claim denial. Give yourself the best chance of approval by understanding the process and what you need to submit. Read this article to help your claim meet each requirement and ensure you receive the assistance you need.

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Lawyers in Hamilton for Appealing Denied Disability Claims
Disability Benefits – Programs & Appeals

If you are suffering from an injury or medical condition that has rendered it impossible for you to work, you may need to start by identifying which benefits you qualify for. This article provides a step-by-step look at what disability benefits are available in Ontario - click to read more.

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Disability due to Workplace Conflicts - Insurance & Personal Injury Law
Disability as a Result of Workplace Conflict

Filing a disability claim can be frightening not only due to your injuries but also because of the implications that may be inferred by peers and future employers. If the injury occurred due to a workplace conflict, a personal injury lawyer in Hamilton can help you and ensure that you get through it with ease. Read this article and learn how.

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Old Woman Crying - Disability Benefits
Disability Benefits and Mental Illness

According to the latest studies, one in five Canadians will experience a mental illness or addiction at some point in their adult lives. In fact, Health Canada states that mental illness is the second leading cause of disability in Canada. The Institute of Health Economics reports that on any given week at least 500,000 employed Canadians are unable to work due to mental illness.

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Person receiving a message - physical and psychological harm
Understanding Physical and Psychological Harm

After an accident, injuries may be readily apparent. Based upon your description, the results of diagnostic tests and their own observations, your treating healthcare professionals will note any bruises, broken bones, cut, scrapes and internal injuries, creating a detailed medical record that can then be used to help you seek fair compensation.

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Man in wheelchair - disability claim appeal law
Disability Claim Appeal Law

While it is no one’s dream to have to rely on long-term disability, it may be necessary for those who cannot work due to chronic illness or injury. However, despite the fact that the vast majority of claims are filed due to legitimate and immediate need, many disability claims are rejected the first time. Why are so many claims denied, and what recourse do you have if you have been rejected?

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Man in rehab - disability claims
Insurance Disability Claims – What are your Rights?

It’s not just the medical bills you are worried about, but the time off work, the extra help that will be needed around the house, and many other things that all add up.

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