If you intend to dispute this decision, it is vital that you submit your appeal as soon as possible, as deadlines are generally required to be met within thirty days. After the appeal is submitted, you have three options for how to proceed. In the first, a Request for Reconsideration, Service Canada will reexamine all of the medical evidence and may request a second opinion from a doctor of their choosing. Legal assistance can be extremely beneficial both in building a stronger case for your claim, and ensuring that all of the paperwork and submissions are taken care of promptly and professionally.

If your reconsideration request is unsuccessful, you may then want to make an appeal to the tribunal. With this appeal, your case will go before a three-person tribunal, consisting of a lawyer, a medical professional, and a member of the community. Again, the legal expertise and practical experience of a lawyer can ease you through the process and provide a better chance of a positive result.

Finally, your case may go for a second appeal to the Pension Appeals Board. This may be at your request if your first appeal was rejected, or at the request of Service Canada if you were successful. Service Canada’s interests will be represented by a lawyer and a medical professional, and if they win the appeal, you have no further recourse. However, with able legal help, our team can help you build your case and create a strong and compelling argument to present to the board.