Canada Pension Appeals

If your Canada Pension Plan disability benefits have been denied you will want to read through these helpful and insightful posts for some ideas on how to best proceed with your particular appeal case. When you are ready, contact one of our Canada Pension Plan appeal lawyers.

Elderly couple doin reasearch - wills and estate law
Case for increasing CPP Benefits

The Canada Pension Plan (CPP) is Canada’s federal social insurance program that provides pension benefits for retirement, disability, and death. The CPP program requires that all employed Canadians outside of Quebec 18 years of age or over contribute a portion of their earnings into the plan.

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Elderly couple in front of lawyer - cpp benefit claim appeals
CPP Benefit Claim Appeals

If your Canada Pension Plan Disability Benefits claim has been denied, you may be grappling with two very stressful questions: Why? And what now? Luckily, there is recourse available to you through the CPP Appeals Board, and legal assistance during this difficult process can prove to be the difference towards getting the benefits you require and deserve.

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Elderly woman shaking hand - understanding pension plans
Canada’s Pension Plans

The Canada Pension Plan Act was established in 1965 to ensure that all Canadians would be protected in their elder years, and allow them to have a high quality of life despite the loss of a regular income.

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