Police Negligence

Police Negligence & Personal Injury Law

Greater Hamilton, South Western Ontario and other Ontario police officers enforce the law for the benefit of all citizens, but there is also a law for police. Police officers are paid servants of the public, and they are required to abide by certain standards of conduct, just like any other professionals. The majority of municipal and provincial police officers perform their duties admirably, but no law enforcement body is perfect, and citizens who suffer the negative effects of police negligence have a right to claim compensation.

Occasionally police officers arrest a person they had no right to arrest, use excessive and unnecessary force in dealing with citizens, wrongfully charge someone with a crime the person did not commit or fail to provide protection to which citizens are entitled.

If you have been injured, either emotionally or physically, as a result of professional negligence on the part of law enforcement officers, you may be left with a sense of disenfranchisement and helplessness. Moreover, you may become overwhelmed by the effort to cope with the financial situation occasioned by the incident.

At Mackesy Smye, we can help victims of police negligence to regain the dignity they have a right to as citizens and human beings. If you have been affected by racial profiling, negligent investigation procedures, or if you have suffered from the effects of excessive force, a clear failure to protect your person, false arrest, false imprisonment, an illegal search, assault and battery or sexual assault, our personal injury lawyers have the legal expertise and litigating talent to make certain that you obtain proper compensation.

Depending upon the specific details of your case, which will be carefully examined by one of our specialized personal injury lawyers, your action against the police may include claims for compensation for physical or psychological suffering, lost income and damage to your personal reputation, along with funds to cover the costs of potential treatment and counselling.

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